PT Persada Aman Sentosa was formed in November 2003 where it started from when we had a trial in April 2003 where we had to find anti-bullet with a light weight but can hold its speed bullet SS1 Pindad. And after doing research and experiments using several different materials we can finally find the right combination for coating anti- bullet on bullet proof vest in which the combination that we made it able to withstand a bullet.

Birth of domestically produced products and led by the sons of the Indonesian nation has been tested with several types of ammunition 5:56, 7.62 with a weapon were: M16 with NATO standard ammunition, SS1 ex PINDAD with ammunition from PINDAD, AK 47 with standard ammunition and Sniper.

Before finding this product in our test was to test and learn other products originating from other countries that have been used for coating anti-bullet on the vest in general.

Manufacturing technology and the combination use of material Bullet Resistant Vests PT. Persada Aman Sentosa found by our own created after going through a relatively long process and tiring, because the product Hold for a bullet that has been certified through several stages of the testing process in the field and in the official ballistic testing laboratory that is in this homeland.

Which then eventually can reach the highest level IV level of the standard bullet-proof vest in the International world of NIJ (National Institute of Justice, USA), and it's been tested and manufactured and is in the process of development in order to marketed in the international market.

With our cooperation with the other company party continues with our partnership in order to produce helmets in Indonesia, and now we have been able to produce NIJ helmet standard in our own factory located in South Jakarta.

In accordance with the name of this company that is Persada Aman Sentosa, with products from us is our great hope for Persada Nusantara Mother Earth that we love this joint Safe and Prosperous.